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Ebonhawke Society [eBoN]
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 Boki's aplying ;)

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Ebonhawke Recruit
Ebonhawke Recruit

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Boki's aplying ;)  Empty
PostSubject: Boki's aplying ;)    Boki's aplying ;)  EmptyWed Feb 09, 2011 3:43 am

1. What is your in-game name?
Assasined Assasin

2. How much time have you spent in game? Please include a screenshot of your /age.
6k and counting

3. What is your timezone and how often do you play?
+1GMT 40-80h week

4. Please list upp all the ranks that are shown below for every character that you've got.

Character name:/
*Campains Completed + Eye of the North: X
*Ebon Vanguard:X

5. How did you hear about Ebonhawke Society?

Hercules of Blood is my ... you know how now...
6. Please list any Elite Area/dungeon experience and what roles you have played.
SOoo(SNOW) KATHSC (a/p) FOW (MT / SoS 100b) UWUBWAY (SoS) DOA DWG HM Pugs runs

7. Why do you want to join [eBoN] Tell us what you think you can bring to the Guild.

I can bring additional party slot ? O_o
8. What other Guilds have you been in, and what are the reasons for leaving?

I was in lots guild just , need a farm / friendly guild like this one is for my 2nd account i like it :=)
9. Wich maxed titles do you have and wich makes you the most proud?

Legendary No lifer (1) yup that's me
10. Please tell us a little extra about yourself.
ps, call me BOKi thanks
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Boki's aplying ;)
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