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 Axe's application

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Ebonhawke Recruit
Ebonhawke Recruit

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PostSubject: Axe's application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:46 am

1. What is your in-game name?

Axe the assasin...Sin
Blind was Axe...Rit
Dr Axx...Mes
Axe is leet (pre char..Necro)
Axe the Spartan ..para
Axe that mofo...Ranger
Axe them mofos...ele
Axe the Bishop...Monk

2. How much time have you spent in game? Please include a screenshot of your /age.

3. What is your timezone and how often do you play?


Due to work im on between 6pm and 9pm most nights

4. Please list upp all the ranks that are shown below for every character that you've got.

Character name:
*Profession: Axe the Assasin
*Campains Completed + Eye of the North: all 4

all my other chars are above R5 in eotn titles as i am a big SC fan so thats important for it

5. How did you hear about Ebonhawke Society?

Crazy slipped me some rhoypnol while i was out drinking and left the web address in the note stuck in my asscrack

just kidding..i have known him and herc a while from old guilds

6. Please list any Elite Area/dungeon experience and what roles you have played.

UW (need to brush up on that area) mtn pools im ok with atm
DoA...pretty new to the keystone spike but i done it a couple of times
rragar...havent done it for a while tho

probably a few more i cant remember at the moment lol

7. Why do you want to join [eBoN] Tell us what you think you can bring to the Guild.

i just like to be with regular people who enjoy doing runs...not fighting to be elite or the best in the game...just normality tbh

8. What other Guilds have you been in, and what are the reasons for leaving?

GoDT guardians of (forgot the rest crazy might help there)..needed more SC's

DPS ..deadly paradox society (my own guild that i left to crazy which he disbanded :OP) i had a online meltdown

AoFT...forgot there name, guild disbanded

DL..Desolation lord...was a nice guild and missy is a nice woman but the guildies are becoming abit above themselves (elitist)..and they cant see it yet ...plus i started to feel like a ghost in the guildlist as hardly anyone spoke to me....so for that reason its time for me to leave.

9. Wich maxed titles do you have and wich makes you the most proud?

Gwamm wasnt a bad feeling lol

R8 zeishen 17k points

going for LDOA only lvl 16 tho

10. Please tell us a little extra about yourself.

my names Axe real name is Gaz, im from England im 30 married with 2 kids...i work as a paramedic/patient transport
im abit of a gaming addict i love my FPS on PS3 (yes i dont like (Xbrick)...but my son does so he got it...i love spending all my cash in guildwars on rubbish not hording it like crazy till the sun burns out and its worthless...im always up for a laugh and never take anything serious that i say..if im ever in a grumpy mood i dont bother logging in as its not fair on anyone getting the wrath for no reason...my hobbies are robbing banks ...stealing cars and general gun trading (but i do like fishing aswell)

thanks for the read hope to see you in game
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Ebonhawke Champion
Ebonhawke Champion

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PostSubject: Re: Axe's application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:55 am

Good app. Nice to see you here, think Hercules will be very happy to see you ^^ And good ranks grats on GWAMM I never realized you got it.

Welcome to eBoN. Smile
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Ebonhawke Apprentice
Ebonhawke Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: Axe's application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:18 am

Wooohooo axe Very Happy , nice app, a big /yes from me Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Axe's application   

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Axe's application
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