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 What we are seeking and requirements

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PostSubject: What we are seeking and requirements   Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:54 pm

What we are seeking for in a player that wants to join [eBon].

* We want people that can go through a campain alone and get their job done. You can ask for help but don't beg.
* We are looking for people that are intressed in both title hunting and is speedclear motivated.
* We DON'T want people that missbehave and acts like a small kid.
* Atleast r4 in the EotN titles on the Monk, Assassin, Mesmer, Elementalist.
As we want to have only fun in this guild but still keep a good quality we are asking you to behave as good as you can and listen at another members in a (good/bad) discussion.

Thats all for us. We are looking forward to see YOU in game!
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What we are seeking and requirements
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