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 Ola's Apply

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Ebonhawke Recruit
Ebonhawke Recruit

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PostSubject: Ola's Apply   Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:07 am

1. What is your in-game name?

Rytualistka Kintaju

2. How much time have you spent in game? Please include a screenshot of your /age.

3. What is your timezone and how often do you play?

Timezone: I don't know :/
I play about 3hours in week and 4h or more in weekend

4. Please list upp all the ranks that are shown below for every character that you've got.

Character name:Rytualistka Kintaju/Ola The Asassin Pl
*Profession:Rt/x A/E
*Campains Completed + Eye of the North:All
*Ebon Vanguard:r8/r7

5. How did you hear about Ebonhawke Society?

I heard about this guild in gw guru

6. Please list any Elite Area/dungeon experience and what roles you have played.

SoS Rit UA Monk Assa

7. Why do you want to join [eBoN] Tell us what you think you can bring to the Guild.

I want to join eBoN becouse i made i will get here gwamm and i will spent here nice time. I think i will bring to u some uw/fow runs and dungeons Smile.

8. What other Guilds have you been in, and what are the reasons for leaving?

HiYa becouse they sometimes talking in other languege that i dont understand.

9. Wich maxed titles do you have and wich makes you the most proud?

Hmm i have r3 gwamm 15max titles and i dunno wich one title im proud.

10. Please tell us a little extra about yourself.

My name is Ola and my age is 15. When I'm not playing GW I'm ride on bike or playing with my dogs or stay in school :/.
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Ebonhawke Champion
Ebonhawke Champion

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Location : Motala, Sweden

PostSubject: Re: Ola's Apply   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:22 pm

Hello Ola, I spoke to you earlier and you are from Poland so your timezone's gmt+1.

I think you would need some work to do. That will be getting a monk, necro, mesmer, warrior and complete atleast EotN

yes for now to see how you deal with things
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Ola's Apply
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