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 [eBoN] Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: [eBoN] Code of Conduct   Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:18 pm

[eBoN] Code of Conduct:
This Policy relates to all the areas of the guild, be it Guild chat, Alliance chat, Forum or Vent


* Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
* Be friendly, tolerant and courteous to others. Protect yours and our reputations.
* No begging for others to do your task or give you money. Ask for things you need, but do not pester or demand
* Asking for help is all OK, helping eachother is part of what our guild is for, but we do not tolerate persistant spamming.
* Ask in a polite and considerate manner, and you may recive.
* No degoratory comments (i.e race, religion, culture).
* Please refrain from harassing other members, both [eBoN] and other Guilds.

Any threads/posts deemed to be considered to be detrimental to the overall membership of the Guild may be deleated or temporarily frozed by the forum Administration. Such incidents are very rare but necessary to maintain a happy friendly enviornment on the forum and within the Guild.


At [eBoN] we do our best to keep everyone happy. If you feel something is wrong please let us know as quickly as possible. If your dispute is with another Member / Alliance member, please speak to them first privately. Be reasonable and explain what your grievance and why you feel that way. In most cases disputes are down to missunderstanding, and discussion any situation provides a reasonable solution. Under NO circumstances will flaming or trolling be acceptable. If no solution can be worked out privately please feel free to speak with an Officer or the Guild Leader about it and we will endeavor to adress your concern. The Officer will speak privately to all involved and will try to suggest a solution acceptable to all. If the officer is unable to deal with the complaint it will be past to the Guild Leader who's decision is final.

Officers / guild leader will take these rules seriously and act if behavior is unnaceptable. People in breach of the rules can expect a warning and if behavior continues or is serious can expect to be asked to leave or be removed. If you are aware of any breach of these rules please contact an Officer or the Guild Leader. We wish to keep Ebonhawke Society [eBoN] a positive, supportive and fun place to be.

We want information if you are going to be inactive/offline for more than a week. This can be done through the Forums "Going Inactive?" or to an Officer or Guild Leader.
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[eBoN] Code of Conduct
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